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Active holders with adjustable top - Apple iPhone X

Use an active holder for your iPhone on the road and you will always have a freshly charged battery! In addition, you will always have your device within easy sight and reach. Safe, comfortable and convenient! The holder has a neat and discreet design which blends well with the vehicle's interior. Your device is held securely in place in an upright position for maximum cellular reception.

With tilt swivel. Fits devices with skin that has the following dimensions: Height: 144-150 mm, Width: 78 mm, Thickness: 2-11 mm.

Holder for Cable Attachment. Lightning to USB.Item no 514998

With tilt swivel.

Holder for Cable Attachment. Lightning to 30-pin. Item no 515998

With tilt swivel. 12/24V charge.

Active holder with USB-cable and cig-adapter. Item no 521998

With tilt swivel. 12V charge.

Active holder for fixed installation. Item no 527998

With tilt swivel. 12V charge.

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