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Sleeve with Sliding powerblock

The choice for you who use your device every day in a rough environment! Your device is well protected in a tough sleeve while still receiving charge. You can easily take the device with you and move it between vehicle-vehicle or vehicle-office.

At first you place your device in the tough sleeve, which is a robust case/jacket with built in bumpers. Then you attach the sleeve onto an active MultiMoveClip by pressing it downward onto the mount. When it snaps into place, the charging is automatically connected via the Sliding Power Block. Attach onto a Pedestal Mount or extra strength mounting platform.

The following holders are available:

Device USB-cable and cig-plug adapter Fixed installation
Apple iPad Air Item no. 558920 Item no. 559920
LG G Pad F 8.0 Item no. 558907 Item no. 559907
LG G Pad 8.3 Item no. 558908 Item no. 559908
LG G Pad X 8.3 Item no. 558908 Item no. 559908
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Item no. 558882 Item no. 559882
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 Item no. 558869 Item no. 559869

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